Kraftwerk Consolation Night: on 1st March 2013, live bands of Cardiff musicians celebrated Kraftwerk with a night to remember, at Chapter Arts Centre.

Were you there? If you have any photographs we could publish here, or any video we could edit into the video taken by Chapter, please let us know.

The bands were

Alison, Marc, Daniele and Anselmo

  • Neon Lights

Spencer McGarry and his band: Spencer, Edward, Paul and Sophie

  • The Hall of Mirrors
  • Showroom Dummies

Julian, Iwan, Daniel and Jenny

  • Computer World

Quiet Marauder: Andrew, Simon, Jonathan and Francesca

  • Radioactivity
  • Numbers
  • The Man Machine

Jemma Roper: Andrew, Jemma, Josh and Tina

  • The Model
  • The Telephone Call

Local Sports Team: David, Andrew, Tomos and Shane

  • The Robots
  • Trans-Europe Express
  • Pocket Calculator

Andrew, Gideon, Daniele and Bryony

  • Autobahn

With thanks to

The staff at Chapter Arts Centre: Cathy, Megan, Dean and Dan, for helping make the event possible.

David Owens, DJ Food and Andrew Sanders, for their support and encouragement

Kraftwerk, for writing the songs

All the musicians who took part

And also…

Dylan Taylor for K is for Kraftwerk

Tomaz Strucl for the Silence: Hall of mirrors video

Soda_Jerk for Astro Black Episode 0: We are the Robots

Thomas Pavitte for the dot-to-dot Mona Lisa

Tom Lennon for the Mannequin Animation

Jon Williams for Downfall video

Eduardo Mendes for The Model animation

Paul Granjon for The Robots

Michael Abbing, Legoluft Studio, for A Robot Story

Christopher Hutsul for A Very Kraftwerk Summer

Elijah Kleeman for Kraftwerk Rayscreen